We are on the leading edge of the immunotherapy revolution, developing breakthrough products to treat cancer. We do this by using the patients’ own immune response, allowing us to discover, develop and commercialize highly targeted and native human cancer antibodies against universal cancer antigens.

Our powerful platform offers rapid discovery of novel antigens and the cognate native human antibodies that target those antigens.


About Us

Immunome is a biotechnology company with a growing pipeline of cancer immunotherapies produced by a unique and powerful immunotherapy discovery engine. Immunome’s proprietary RealMAb™ technology enables the simultaneous discovery of novel antigens and the cognate native human antibodies that target those antigens. RealMAb, originally developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Whitehead Institute, utilizes the human immune system response to circumvent the weaknesses, complications and inefficiencies of non-human approaches. After identification, Immunome employs its proprietary screening technology to screen for functional and specific cancer activity of these antigen antibody pairs.

Partners and Investors

Latest News

Immunome Raises $12.2 Million in Additional Series A Financing

October 6, 2016

Funding allows further development of novel, outcome-based cancer immunotherapy discovery engine

Immunome Raises $5 Million Series A Financing to Advance Novel Cancer Immunotherapies

April 20, 2016

$5 million funded to advance Immunome’s native human cancer antibody platform

Immunome Appoints Michael J. Morin, PhD, as President and Chief Scientific Officer

March 8, 2016

25-year pharmaceutical R&D veteran with a proven track record of developing approvable cancer therapy candidates