About Us

Immunome develops first-in-class antibody therapeutics designed to change the way disease is treated

Immunome was founded to advance the discovery and development of antibody-based drugs. Our proprietary antibody Discovery Engine identifies novel therapeutic antibodies, and their antigen targets, by leveraging the most highly-educated components of the B cells from patients who have learned to fight off their disease.

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We are a biopharmaceutical company utilizing a proprietary human memory B cell platform to discover and develop antibody therapeutics to improve patient care. Our discovery engine identifies novel therapeutic antibodies and their targets by leveraging the highly educated component of the immune system, memory B cells. Memory B cells are the key elements of a durable human immune response because they produce specific, high-affinity antibodies that bind to antigens produced in diseased cells and target them for destruction by other immune effector cells. We believe that our platform is different from those of other biotechnology companies because of our unbiased, broad, deep and efficient approach to identifying novel antibody-target pairs that may be useful in developing treatments for cancer and other diseases. Unlike some approaches that use deep sequencing of B cells to identify dominant clones that are common within and across patients, and which assume those clones are therapeutically relevant, we do not assume that any such genomic dominance is necessarily the hallmark of therapeutic utility.

The strengths of Immunome’s Antibody Discovery Engine are the unbiased, broad, deep, and efficient manner with which it directly interrogates human B cells. This provides a better understanding of how the body itself recognizes and overcomes disease. In this way, the Immune Discovery Engine is able to efficiently identify the antibodies with the highest potential to address cancer and infectious diseases. This approach also allows Immunome to circumvent the weaknesses, complications and inefficiencies associated with conventional approaches. We believe that the antibodies we identify, which are already credentialed by the patient, are ideal for development.

A differentiated platform with strengths that enable the discovery of novel antibody-antigen pairs. Immunome’s technology allows us to move directly from the interrogation of the human B cell to large amounts of antibodies needed for function-based screening. To date, we have interrogated more than 150 patient samples and produced >250,000 hybridomas from patients with various cancers and infectious diseases.

With a growing pipeline of novel targets, Immunome’s goal is to become a leading biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing innovative antibody therapeutics for areas of high unmet medical need, with a focus on oncology and infectious diseases.