Immunome is dedicated to advancing best-in-class and first-in-class targeted oncology therapies.




Immunome’s lead program, IM-4320, targets IL-38, an immunosuppressive cytokine that plays a significant role in the IL-36 pathway. While that pathway was clinically validated in autoimmune disease with the approval of Spevigo, the relevance of IL-38 to cancer was highlighted by using Immunome’s Discovery Engine to interrogate the antibodies produced by a head and neck cancer patient. 

Preclinical data shows that while IL-38 dampens immune response to tumors, blocking IL-38 leads to tumor control in two different in vivo models.1 Gene expression profiling of patient tumors suggests IL-38 is implicated in reduced immune infiltration in cancers of squamous origin, such as head & neck, gastroesophageal, and lung.2

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Radioligand Therapy


Immunome is advancing a Fibroblast Activation Protein (FAP) targeted radioligand therapy with multi-indication potential. FAP is a promising target that is expressed in over 75% of solid tumors including lung, breast, and esophageal cancer. However, current clinical FAP-targeted RLTs deliver less radiation to tumor than approved RLTs, likely rendering them insufficient for optimal anti-tumor activity.1

Immunome’s preclinical candidates are optimized using our Targeted Effector platform to enhance their PK properties and biodistribution, potentially leading to superior tumor absorbed dose and best-in-class efficacy.2 The program is derived from work performed in the laboratory of Dr. Philip Low at Purdue University, which also patented key components of Pluvicto™.

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